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......An eye on The Balkans’ civil society

How does the civil society look like in the Western Balkans ? Who are its components ? What are their struggles, their challenges and how do they meet them ? How is the human rights situation in this European region ? What hopes are there to improve it ? A research project gathers some answers to these questions.

  • Actions against two forms of discrimination

    1er août 2014
    Through a human rights based approach, Praxis aims to help vulnerable groups to secure and exercise their rights so that systemic obstacles may be removed and equality for all may be realized.
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  • About The Balkans’ Civil Society

    août 2014
    Aleksandra Koteczek and Sabine Llewellyn, two EU volunteers, interviewed individuals and organisations working on the inclusion of marginalized people and sustainable development. The project is now benefitting from a fresh online impetus.
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