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About The Balkans’ Civil Society

août 2014

In 2013, Aleksandra Koteczek and Sabine Llewellyn, two EU Volunteers in The Balkans interviewed individuals and organisations working on the inclusion of marginalized people and sustainable development.

Their aim was to better understand how active citizens in the Balkans were transforming their society into a more inclusive, fair, and tolerant one, a society whose individuals would be equally empowered to improve their living condition.

Using internet and Social medias, they created a living tool, a tool to encourage comments and constructive critics, thus generating discussions between citizens of the Balkans and those who would like to know more about their hopes and fears. With these tool they intended to increase the visibility of active citizens’ fights as well as encourage new initiatives and successes.

Carrying on with the project, Arno Anktil-Dickson gives it a fresh online impetus.

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